You were you, before the world told you who you should be?

2017 was like an earthquake, with great ripple effects well into November. I was overwhelmed. It felt as though I was drowning beneath everything.  Anxious. Nervousness and worries has fed my soul. So so tired, I had to drag myself out of bed.. My circumstances got the better of me. There were no more opportunities, only obstacles.

I felt hopeless.


Maybe you found this blog because you too are without hope. Maybe you are on a journey of self discovery. Maybe you just found it…
Whichever way, from my heart to yours, thank you.
There are a million other blogs you could read, thank you for taking time to read mine.

Be fearless. You are creating a legacy. You are a changemaker.


Let us get back to point.
You were you before the world told you who you should be?

When I was younger, I wasn’t afraid.

When I was younger I did things that were good for my soul. I lived an adventurous life.


Tanya Holland wrote a six word memoire “wannabe heroine, but just plain Jane“. I became a plain Jane, the heroine in me for lost.

Today I am stuck in the mundane and the mediocre, all because of fears and worries.

Today I am rather afraid. I am anxious and worried about most things. In most situations, I find myself thinking “what are the people going to say?” Honestly, people rarely thinking about you. They have their own worries. The don’t have time to be worried about yours.


I am afraid to use my voice and to raise my opinion.

I am afraid to live boldly. Fearless. Empowered.

I am scared for the future of my children.

I am afraid to be true to myself.


When did I become so afraid? Why am I so afraid of my voice and my opinion?


After some introspection, I have realised, I have given too much thought to the opinion of others. I lived in their truth and opinions, without validating my own truth and opinions. I have been told I am too opinionated. I have been told I am a b*tch and inconsiderate. That I should choose my words better, so that I don’t offend or tell the truth.
I have been criticized about the way I dress and the way I talk.
I have been told there is no hope and future.

I started to believe this lies. And I got lost.
I lost hope. I became negative, cynical and overwhelmed.

At the beginning of a new year, I have adjusted my vision. I have aligned myself with my values. I have made the time to discover myself again. I know who I am and I know where I am headed.


I am visionary. I am creating a legacy.
I am a changemaker.
I am a mother. This is my highest and truest calling.


I am a woman. Beautiful. Empowered. Strong.