Flourish* by Sonika

The Inspiration Station Membership at a Glance

Monthly Affirmations

Each month focus on a different aspect of personal development. The monthly affirmation with beautiful art can be downloaded to keep you inspired.

Live Training

Every quarter I will host a live training exclusive to Inspiration Station members.

A Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded people in a private Facebook group where you can ask question, share your story and get loads of love and support.

Members Only Podcast

Every month include a never heard before audio with personalised teachings, where I guide you to take responsibility for your own life.

Weekly emails from me

You will receive an email at the beginning of each week from me, to keep you inspired and motivated.

Inspiration Station Plus

Become a member of Inspiration Station Plus where I will engage with you personally. This will enable a more tailored and personal approach to your Growth Goals.

Are you ready to grow?

I have witnessed many people (including myself) change their lives by becoming aware of who they are and what they have to offer.

I also know how hard it is to get lost in this journey.

When life gets busy and messy, somewhere you forget to live mindful of who you are. You don’t live consciously anymore to grow and develop. You begin to stagnate / survive, yet again, within your own limitations.

You want to live inspired… there is just one problem, you don’t know where to start.

Sonika Krüger

Do you ever…

  • Watch more TV than read books

  • Find yourself stuck in the same, repetitive behaviours

  • Feel lost when it comes to relationships

  • Feel unhealthy, overweight and eating for emotional reasons

  • Wish you were living an inspired life

You want to feel inspired and motivated. You want to be a magnet for opportunities, but you are not really sure how. And you say to yourself, “I need a plan.” Well, my friend, I have your back

Let me introduce you to The Inspiration Station

I created The Inspiration Station to make it easy to stay on track with your personal growth and development plan.

Every month you will receive new material that wil support your growth journey. The portal is easily accessible through mobile and web.

Inspiration Station is a monthly membership for every women who want to grow, develop and flourish in her world. It is designed to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Inspiration Station will motivate and encourage you!

Who should join Inspiration Station

It doesn’t matter if you have never thought about personal growth and development or are aware and conscious. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, the Inspiration Station has the resources to inspire and motivate you to make the necessary changes to live a flourishing and thriving life.

The Inspiration Station is for you if you want to grow and develop on a daily basis. This is the space to be if you want to live a life of influence.

Inspiration Station:

  • You will receive a monthly theme, which will include a beautiful affirmation, a never heard before podcast/ teaching, a to-grow calendar.

  • Join the private Facebook group and become part of a supportive community. Connect with other Inspired human beings, support and share your inspirational story.

  • You will get a beautiful welcome kit that introduces you to all the benefits of going the Inspiration Station. Each week you will receive a short, sweet and highly motivational email that will keep you encouraged for the week.

  • Connect with me for live quarterly training where you can ask me anything. Each training has a specific theme that will enhance the tools and training you have already received.

You can cancel at any time! There is no obligation.

Inspiration Station Plus at a Glance

Personal Accountability Partner

To Implement change in your life is not always easy, but remember when you had someone that encouraged, listened and walked with you? It was som much easier!

Personal Zoom Calls

No matter where you are, we can have a coffee date and just talk, plan and strategise your journey. Every person have a unique story and journey and by communicating better, we can change faster.

Some Extra Love and Support

Love and support can make the difference in a successful life! Let me help you through your journey to be part of that extra love and support you require to become the best version of yourself.