What is Sonika Krüger’s Mōi?

Mōi is an 8 week online course which teaches women to let go off all the expectations and to just live a beautiful life.

Whether you are new to transformative coaching or already in the groove of changing your life, this course will challenge you physically, emotionally and spiritually to move into the space you were created to live in.

Mōi will help you dream, create and live a beautiful life.

How does Mōi work?

Mōi trainings are released in weekly modules and consist of beautiful material, weekly teachings and Q&A, one 1:1 coaching call, resources and a private Facebook community with like minded women. You can view teachings, connect with others, share ideas and learning with others.

As a student of Mōi you have “office hours” where Sonika answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure you are taking proactive action so that you receive the highest value for your investment.

You have life time access to Mōi. The teachings and trainings are always available to you.

Helping women find balance and harmony so that they can enjoy vibrant health. Helping women change their perspective so that they can live mindfully.

Who should join Mōi?

  • if you are looking for balance and harmony
  • if you want to be more mindful, present and conscious
  • if you want to create vibrant health
  • if you want to change your perspective
  • if you are looking for a more holistic approach to life
  • if you want to understand you feminine intelligence

Then Mōi is for you.

Who teaches Mōi?

Mōi is led by Sonika Krüger, owner of Flourish* by Sonika and creator of Mōi. Sonika’s mission is to help women become in alignment with their truest purpose and to connect with their passion.

Mōi participants can ask questions and get feedback during weekly “office hours” calls with Sonika.

What is the investment?

The investment for this 6 weeks online course is R6 000 ($420). There is a payment plan available, R2 000 ($140) for 3 months.

You can join Mōi for a zero investment. Yes, zero investment. All you have to do it to register for our 5 day FREE email series. You can access the registration here.

When you take on this journey of creating your beautiful life, you will be given the tools to:

  • Find balance and harmony in your life, instead of the chaos and imbalance
  • You will find ways to be more mindful and present in your life by understanding anxiety and how to deal with it
  • You will be taught new ways is which to create vibrant health and not suffer from stress related illnesses
  • You will be guided to change your perspective instead of always needing to be in control
  • You will find a holistic approach to life instead of always focusing on ambition and drive
  • You will find your secret to success
  • You will find the value in conscious and mindful living instead of living through fear and judgement
  • You will learn to embrace your feminine power instead of misunderstanding your value

Here is the plan

  1. Start where you are. You will be doing a life audit.
  2. What is your plan for your life?
  3. Becoming more intentional and mindful in your approach.
  4. What is your passion and your purpose. What strategy will you use to execute them.
  5. Finding harmony and balance in your life.
  6. Reflect, review and realign.

After the 6 weeks, we will have two more weeks together to fully implement the teachings, while still offering you the support you need.

Mōi is about you and designing a life you love.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to invest in your life? Are you ready to create the life you are dreaming about.

All you have to do is to sign up here and we will send you the rest of the information.

If you want to check out our five part email series, the clink on this link 👈🏼.