What can Flourish* help you with

I remember the day so well. A fresh, faced second-year theology student, with lights in my eyes and excited about the possibilities of life. I sat in one of my greatest mentors study.

The burning question on my lips, why does some people strive to become self-actualised and others settle for a mediocre life. This question coming after a lesson about Maslow’s hierarchy of self-actualisation.

From this day I have been in a constant pursuit of growth and development.

I also remember my greatest fear from a young age, to be poor. Poor in ideas and solutions. Poor in mental, physical and spiritual capacity.

My daily purpose in life is to become a better version than the version of myself.

I am in a daily pursuit to become the best version of myself.

Personal Growth

My word for 2018 was Flourish*.

Flourish* is defined in the following ways:

  1. Grow and develop in a healthy and vigorous way
  2. A bold or extravagant gesture or action
  3. An impressive and successful act, or period

With Flourish* being my word, I was focused on personal growth and development. I studied personal development with books, videos and podcasts. I immersed myself in this field.

I am a Transformational Coach and help women grow and transform on three of the major life areas:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • spiritual.

While also focusing on every other important aspect.

This service of mine is focused on personal teachings. I work in person with women, via Zoom or a coffee date. If you are interested, please book a complimentary 15 min coaching call with me, here.

Leadership development is dear to my heart.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to become a Certified Leadership Coach with the Leadership Academy South Africa. This has allowed me to take the international speaking stage, doing training and development in Uganda.

Flourish* by Sonika is available to do training and development with your business and with your employees. We help you with the business environment which includes the internal and external factors that influence a business, including, but not limited to:

  • culture
  • social impact
  • teamwork
  • management
  • business growth and development.

We believe teamwork makes dreamwork, therefore we will do an analysis and make an assessment and provide the best solutions for you and your company.

Please send an email to sonika@sonikakruger.com for more information about this feature.

Teaching for the passion of influence.

I am a multi passionate entrepreneur, which allows me to pursue a multitude of passions. One of which is teaching. Flourish* is all about development and successful growth. Teachers are such a fundamental part of our society and I don’t think they get the acknowledgement that they deserve.

Flourish* is about developing the developer. This isn’t training, but rather an investment in teachers. We come to your school (kindergarten, primary and secondary school), and spend some time with your staff and investing in their personal growth and development.

For more information about our services, please send an email to sonika@sonikakruger.com

Being on this business journey is such an inspiring path. I am excited to have you here with me. Please allow me to inspire, invest and uplift you, your company and your employees.