I deeply enjoy to connect with my intuition so that I can know what is the next step I need to take. Each day is an opportunity to create a life I love.

You have a unique gift. A gift that is exclusive to you.

You have the gift of intuition. The ability to understand yourself instinctively.

These gifts include your talents, skills, gifts, resources and opportunity.

Once you begin to unwrap this gift of yours, you can begin to live a life that you design.

Connecting with your intuition allows you to live your life by design.


My name is Sonika Krüger and I am content creator, entrepreneur and connector.

I host Confident and On Purpose, and I created A High Heels and Red Lipstick Life, as well as the Flourish* Manifesto.

Flourish* by Sonika is a resource for personal growth and creating your most ideal life. Here you will get practical tips, motivational and inspirational content that will guide you on your personal growth and development journey. What you will learn, will help you to connect deeper and more intimately with yourself, so that you will know how to nourish your soul, body and mind.

This is my story

“Ma’am I cannot promise you that your baby is alive.” These were the words that my mom’s obstetrician told her when she was rushed to the operation room.

I was alive. But not healthy.

Two weeks later I and my mom got ill from septicaemia. I was sedated with an antibiotic drip.

This is my birth story and it became part of what I attracted into my life.

I never felt worthy. I didn’t feel valued. I had to work extremely hard to feel accepted.

I struggled with my weight.

I didn’t do well with relationships.

Have you ever felt like this? Unworthy. Not valuable. Not likeable.

Your story is my story.

At the delightful age of 19 I heard about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And since day self actualisation became my desire and need.

Everything I have done since has brought me to this place. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

This place of connecting with my intuition.

And on this wonderful journey of self discovery.

Why Flourish* by Sonika

I believe it’s my birthright to become everything I was created to be. And this is your birthright as well.

There is within each one of us vast knowledge and wisdom. It is my wish and heart’s desire to guide you to connect with yourself so that you can share your unique gifts, talents, skills, resources and opportunity with the world.

Are you ready to join the movement?

We all know that one woman who seem to have it all. She is beautiful and elegant. She is successful in building her career. She enjoys every moment. It is as if she is shining from the inside out.

This woman is flourishing in life.

I have been searching for this as well until I made the choice to be a flourishing woman. Beautiful. Elegant. Successful. Confident. On purpose.

We flourish in life when we focus on:
self worth and value
self care and self love
motivation and success
higher purpose
growth and development
dreams, vision and goals
feminine power
highest potential

Personal development with a twist of beauty and elegance

It is called Flourish*.

When you make the decision to flourish* in life, you will live unapologetically.

This will be your story.

A story of self worth and immense value.

A story of connecting deeper within.

This is your story. Make it one of beauty and elegance.

Are you ready to join the movement?

Sonika’s Official Bio

Even though she is born in South Africa, she is a Parisian in her heart. She is a coffee-lover, as well as a lover of life. She has built a career as Reverend, a Teacher and a Certified Leadership Coach.

She is an advocate for self-care practice. Because it is in these moments of stillness where you can connect deeper and more intimately with yourself. This is where you will find your intuition and wisdom.

Her teachings focus on being beautiful and elegant and embracing each part of your being, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. She encouraged women to embrace their femininity, cultivate confidence and be on purpose while designing the life they dream of.

Sonika is Founder and CEO of Flourish*. She wants you to create and design a life you love.

Connect deeper and more intimately within. There you will discover your intuition and wisdom.

Connect with me,


💌: sonika@sonikakruger.com

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