Chic Bella

Chic Bella… the believe that every one is created in beauty and with purpose.

Being a Reverend, I see the daily struggle that people face with accepting themselves. People have grown so used to the lies of the world that they don’t hear the truth about themselves anymore.

What is your truth? Your truth is that you were born with very unique gifts. You were born with a voice. You were born with a purpose.

But somewhere, somehow, people lost this truth. People don’t believe they are worthy and fearfully created.

Chic Bella is all about discovering that uniqueness, that voice, that purpose.

I will be your mentor, your guide, to help you discover your truth.

Why do you want to work with me?

I will ask you the much-needed questions about who you are.

I will motivate and inspire you to look deep and hard for the truth, so that you can let go of the lies.

I will supply you with reading material and homework for your journey.

I will keep you accountable for your goals and where you are heading.

I will support you.

If you are ready to live with boldness and with your truth. If you are ready to live with purpose, email me 

I am ready for your journey!