Commitment to Personal Growth

This programme will change your life. Not because of the programme, but because you made the decision to flourish.

To flourish is to develop and grow in a healthy way.

This programme is not for the faint hearted. It will be hard work. It will need some soul-searching from you. It will ask honesty and openness. It will be raw and brutal. But it will be worth it.

Growth never comes from a place of comfort.

Congratulation for taking this brave and bold step towards your personal growth and development.

What will flourish ask of you?
?Commitment to yourself and your dreams
?One zoom session a week
?Time and dedication to do your homework
?An opportunity to join the Facebook community with weekly teachings, via Facebook live and daily motivational post

What will you get from Flourish:
⭐️ One-to-one personal development sessions
⭐️ An accountability partner
⭐️ Letting go of self-limiting beliefs
⭐️ Discovering your worth
⭐️ Realising your dream and true potential
⭐️ A weekly newsletter with inspiration, tasks and goals
⭐️ Daily short motivational to inspire you for the day

May this journey of flourish be everything that you need to grow into who you were created to be.

To apply for Flourish, please have a look at the application form