Personal Style: Powerdressing

My absolute favorite show is Suits. One of my career choices were being a lawyer. I know it is a show and in ways romanticized, but I love the way they present themselves. They dress for success.

When I say Jessica Pearson, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


Powerdressing: to dress yourself with absolute confidence. To believe in your voice and to assert yourself even in the toughest situations.

I love my work. I love the way it challenge me on an emotional level. I love the way people trust me with their hurt and their fears. But being a reverend doesn’t exactly allow me to power dress. When I am one-to-one with someone who is hurting, it wouldn’t be fair toward them to be powerful. I need to be subdued. I need to be approachable, soft and open. In this situation feminine is the most suited style.

But I love to power dress when I do a sermon. It makes me feel more assertive. I represent myself with confidence. High heels and red lipstick. Bold. Brave. Beautiful.

When you use the power of the dress, it helps you:

?? to be more confident

?? to be more assertive

?? to believe in your voice

When you have a look at your wardrobe, you will have the following garments:

? Fitted, body con, dresses

? Tailored suits { trousers and jackets/ blazers}

? Garments in black, navy, grey, white, red, with splashes of color

? Statement heels

? Clothing that are structured and well-tailored

You are a rock star! You do us proud and make us believe that everyone can reach the top.