Personal Style

I am an INTP and if you know anything about MBTI’s, then you will most probably know that my personality type is sloppy and careless when it comes to clothes. I mean just look at Albert Einstein and his messy hair and clothes. Even though everything about me being an INTP is spot on, being sloppy and untidy is not one of my characteristics.

I love clothes.

I love to dress.

I love fashion and what it stands for. In 2014 I had the honor of being part of SA Fashion Week The Pop-up Shop in Sandton. One of my greatest regrets is not pursuing the fashion world any further. I had a rather disappointing time back then. I didn’t fully realize the potential and what it could mean to me.

But I am a self proclaimed and taught fashionista.

So today, let is talk about Personal Style. Do you know yours? It is easy to develop, once you understand who you are and what you love.

Watch this space for a blog about discovering who you are.

To develop your style, don’t need to cost you a whole months salary. It is something that you can do it the comfort of your own home.

What do you need:

? magazines

? movies

? Pinterest

Ask yourself the following questions:

? in what do I feel most comfortable in {dresses, jeans and t-shirts, skirts, sandals, high heels, sneakers}

? what kind of lifestyle do I have {active, more passive, etc…}

? what kind of work do you do

Now take a look at your resources:

? what are the styles you feel more attracted to:

  • pretty, feminine styles with dresses and sandals
  • sophisticated, glamorous style with skirts, blouses and high heels
  • powerdressing, muted tones, fitted clothing
  • jeans and sneakers
  • comfortable, casual, classics styles
  • bohemian, trendy, edgy with flowy material

Once you know what your personal style is, shopping will be come easier. You won’t end up with a crazy amount of clothes and nothing to wear.

If you are in need of a more personal discussion, let us make a coffee date.

But in the mean time, watch this space for more information.