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I am an Image Consultant and Stylist. My area of expertise include:

# How to dress for your body type and skin color

# Wardrobe planning and styling

# Skin care and make-up


Health and wellness is important to me. I have a six-week programme which focus on these five elements:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Discovering my values and creating a Personal Mission Statement
  3. Creating Balance
  4. Health and Lifestyle
  5. Image consulting and styling (two sessions)


I love to learn and gain knowledge, that is why I chosen profession is being a reverend. This also created the opportunity for me to discover my love for public speaking and the sharing of knowledge. Some of the topics I like to discuss, are:

# Being a woman and making a difference in your society

# Health and Lifestyle

# Wardrobe and wardrobe planning

# Imaging and styling {skin care, make-up, self-care, dressing for myself}


Contact Information:

Sonika Krüger

Cell phone:   +27 82 – 692 – 2035

Email:            sonika@sonikakruger.com