Flourish* by Sonika

This year I have learned the tremendous value of personal growth and development.

My word for 2018 was *Flourish* and saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way. Have you seen the Madagascar 2? Gloria (the hippopotamus) is having a mud bath. The sleek and handsome Motto-Motto is approaching her. He introduced himself as Motto-Motto, a name so nice you say it twice. He then went on to share is philosophy, always say yes, unless a no is required. You can have a look at it here. So this was my year of yes and I have experienced the most amazing opportunities.

Let me share the most important ones with you:

  • I attended the #EkWilEkKanEkSal.
    • Here I learned the importance of having a dream and a vision. That dream and vision, should become a plan. A plan should have dates, to that is can become goals. With the dream, the plan and the goals, have then a master strategy for executing those dreams and plans. It is only me that can make my dreams and vision a reality.
    • I also learned the importance of having a manifesto, a personal mission plan. This will help me with finding my direction and making important decisions based on my values. {Have a look out on my social media. I am going to have a series on creating my manifesto and establishing my values.}
    • After this conference, I took the bold step and made a coffee date with Coenie Schoeman, a leader in the magazine industry.
    • Never be afraid to step up to the plate. What is the worst that can happen?
  • I became a certified Leadership Coach. I have been on the coaching journey for nine years.
    • Coaching is in my heart. It is part of my purpose, my destiny.
    • I studies through The Leadership Academy South Africa. Here I have met the most incredible humans. I am honoured to be a part of this family.
    • On becoming a certified coach, I had to challenge limiting beliefs and self-doubt. I had to challenge the perception of who I am and what I have to offer.
    • I am one of those snowflake millennial, who believe I can change the world. I believe I can become an influencer.
    • I am here to challenge the perceptions of what people value.
    • I am here to challenge the perception of family, values and traditions.
    • I am here to challenge the perception of balance and harmony.
  • I had the privilege to visit the beautiful country of Uganda ??, where I did Leadership and Development with international certified coaches.
    • One of the limiting beliefs I had about myself is that I quit. In Uganda I learned it is not the truth. We were doing training for five days, eight hours a day. I was tired and emotional. But here I learned, I don’t quit. I learned a truth about myself, I am resilient. I am able to carry on despite exhaustion.
    • I learned that I am a speaker and a teacher. I can share knowledge with people and I can inspire change.
    • We don’t have to be limited to skin color, traditions and language. We are all valuable and unique and have something extraordinary to offer this world.

On a personal level, I learned that my family is my everything. I want to be the best mother for my children. I want to teach my children to take responsibility for their lives and their actions. To never settle for second best. I want to teach them the value of life and that every single human being is important and that words and actions can have a lasting impact on the world and humanity.

I also learned that I want to do everything with excellence. I don’t have to settle for a mediocre life. When I live with integrity and excellence, opportunities will come my way. With every “yes opportunity” I will level up for the next opportunity. I wouldn’t have to settle for second best and a mediocre life.

In my year of Flourish, I learned to let go of the expectations of others and unbecoming everything that wasn’t meant for me. I learned to let go of toxic relationships that wasn’t good for me. Not every one has their best attention for me. I surrounded myself with people who was on the same path as me. I surrounded myself with people who speak the same language as me, who as the same values as I have.

I didn’t like the person I am with times. But I have learned the value of evaluation. This allowed me to understand who I am. I didn’t have to be anything else, except me. I unbecomed everything that wasn’t mine.

I came the realisation, I am a millennial and I am proud to be who I am. I am a mother and a wife. AND I DO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I will flourish is life, because I have learned the value of a nurturing environment.

Flourish* to blossom and bloom where your are planted.


My name is Sonika Krüger. I am the founder and CEO of Flourish* by Sonika.

My greatest accomplishment in life, was becoming a mother. I love my two children dearly. I am proud to married. I am excited about this journey that we as a family are on.

I am reverend, a teacher and a lifestyle development coach. I am a business owner and an entrepreneur. I love every aspect of my career.

I am a millennial and this journey of life is amazing.


You can find me on social media:

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Instagram: Sonika Krüger


Thank you for sharing in my sharing.

About Sonika

Sonika Krüger is first of all a mother. She is the owner of Flourish* by Sonika, a Life Coach and a teacher. Flourish* focus on motherhood, lifestyle, personal growth and time management. She shares from her own experiences. She is available for training and speaking engagements. Please follow Flourish* by Sonika on Facebook and Instagram.

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