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Beyond Beauty

We are deserving of living a beautiful life.

For the last six years I have been fascinated with the words “Beyond Beauty”. I still don’t have the perfect definition for this concepts. But for now it means to live life in glorious beauty.

We live in a fast pace, insta-worthy life. But as women we are in need of deep and lasting relationships. We seek balance. We want to live a beautiful life.

In this post we will have a look at:

1. What is a beautiful life

2. Find balance in the chaos

3. Nurturing our most important relationships

  1. What is a beautiful life?

The dictionary describes beautiful as pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

We live in high pace, masculine world. We work hard. We compete hard. 

In this ever competing world, we have given up our sensuality and femininity.

Sensuality is the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.

We are blessed with five senses, sight, hear, feel, taste and smell. These five senses is our ability to connect to, awaken and embody pleasure.

When was te last time when you were attuned to your five senses? Exploring the richness and the beauty of life. 

Femininity is having the qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women. 

womanly | ladylike | female

soft | gentle | graceful | refined

Why are we so afraid of the strength we have as women? We carry a baby for nine months, we give birth to them, we feed them from our breasts, milk created from our bodies. We love unconditionally.  Yet, we are so eager to compete with the masculinity of the world, that we forget the softness of our femininity.. We have a gentle, softer voice to offer. We can create balance.

We have intuition and wisdom. 

When I am afraid of my sensuality and femininity, I only take from myself. But when I share this with the world, I give to humankind something that wasn’t there before. I have something wonderful and unique to offer to the world. 

What uniqueness do you have to offer the world?

How then, do I connect with my sensuality and femininity?

  • Movement is life. Exercise helps you to connect with your breath, your body and its abilities. Any form of exercise is good, as long as it is rewarding for you. 
  • Playing dress-up. Wear that gorgeous dress in the back of your closet. Wear that bold red shoes. Wear the pretty underwear. This is your body. This is your life. Do what makes you feel good.
  • Girl time, connect with the women in your life. Your mom, your sister, your best friend. Spend time with women who are invested in you and whom makes you feel good.
  • Connect with your sensuality. Use your senses everyday. Light the candles. Stop and smell the roses. Hear the laughter of the littles ones. Taste all the intricate details of the food on your plate. 
  • Make time everyday to connect with your senses.

You, my friend, are beautiful.

You deserve to live a beautiful, sensual and feminine life.

2. Finding balance in the chaos

But this life is chaotic.

Life is crazy and unbalanced. We have to keep so many plates up in the air. We work hard. We play hard. And we are exhausted and depleted.

As women, we need work harder to prove ourselves. We have to be a good wife, a perfect and in control mother, we have to feed balanced and nutritious meals to our families, we need to be a great daughter-in-law, we need to be the best associate, we need to dress professional and look groomed… and just writing this made me tired. 

We are judged daily by the choices we make.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

We are called to rise up, to powerfully stand for what we believe in.

As women we have everything to offer. What we bring to the marketplace is balance. Balance in the fight between power and gentleness. We offer femininity, wisdom, sensuality and wisdom.

We are mothers.

We nurture children from the womb.

We are daughters.

We are decision makers.

We bring balance to inequality.

We are wives.

We are loved.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We are the collective soul and we are called to rise up and be the difference.

3. Nurturing our most important relationships.

From a young age we are told that we need to get married. We need someone who can look after us. We need to have children. And I blame the freaken Disney princesses for this load of crap.

We are never taught how to have a nurturing relationship with ourselves first. We are never taught how to enjoy our own company. 

This most important relationship we can have, is the one we have with ourselves.

Being married is a great privilege. I love my husband dearly and he is my greatest supporter. 

I love being a mom, I have the most beautiful children and I am so proud of them.

I have the best parents a girl can ask for.

I am blessed to have a sister.

And a wonderful extended family.

But sometimes I wish that I was brave enough to first travel the world. To first enjoy the pleasure of my own company. To have my own apartment where I didn’t have to worry about anyone else except me.

So Disney princesses, you won’t lie to my daughter about needing a knight in shining armour to be saved. She can save herself. She will be bold and brave enough to fight her own dragons. 

And as for my son, I will teach him that every woman deserves to be treated with respect. That all women are fearless in her own right and that he doesn’t need to feel threatened by the dragons she needs to slay.

We are truly created to be in relationships. We were created to raise the arms of those that is tired. We were created to love and nurture one another. 

How do you care for those you love?

Being a woman today is a great privilege and an honour. We have a femininity and sensuality to offer the world. We are called to make a difference. We are called to rise up and let our voice be heard.

This is our time!

* * *

My name is Sonika Krüger. I am fabulous. I am a dreamer and a teacher. And I am learning daily how to live with intention and awareness.

I am a wife to one and a mom to two.

I am a reverend in ministry. I am a coach in training.

I am a woman and I am ready to be fearless!

* * *

Share with me your story of sensuality and femininity:

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