Inside my mind

Inside my mind

The mind is a very powerful thing. Every one has a story to tell about mind over matter. My mind is rather complex. You see I am a typical INTP. Intuitive Introvert, who doesn’t do well the emotions and who struggle to complete task.

I prefer to retreat into the safe and secure space of my mind. This is the place where I can prepare myself for the extroverted world.

Being an introvert is a daunting task in a world that is extroverted. This extroverted world is social, talkative, loud and engaging.In large crowds an introvert can easily be overwhelmed and alone. I can easily become a hermit and just be silent. They say women speak almost six thousand words in a day, but I don’t think I speak that much.

I am always in the process of planning and researching. There are some many opportunities available. That is why Albert Einstein was so successful. He understood the world differently and he created answer for the differences.

An INTP mind can be philosophical. Like the great René Descartes. My favourite saying of him is, “I think there for I am.” When I think about my world and my existence and purpose in it, I know that I have great value to add to the world.

Even though my mind is a great big mess, it enables me to be an architect of society. It enables me to do research. When a subject is of interest, I can do countless hours of research. My favourite subjects to research is health and lifestyle, image and styling {wardrobe planning, clothing, skin care and make-up} and education {creating and sharing of knowledge}. My intuition allows me to look for new information and knowledge.

Emotions are not my strongest suit. I don’t do fell with feelings. I want to solve problems and find solutions. This is a treasured quality {I believe} that enables me to be balanced in times of crises. I look objectively at the world, not with emotions.

I think {not feel}, therefore I am.

Procrastinate, should have been my middle name. I have a sh*tload of ideas and I can plan the finest details, but to get the job done, that is a rather big struggle for me.
And the I try to comfort myself with the idea that I am spontaneous and that I go with the flow. But then that thoughts bite me in the ass at night when I want to sleep and my mind goes crazy with the things I haven’t done today.
So the next I will research “how to be more productive”, “which are the best planners”. Only to drive myself crazy because I can’t find what I am looking for.

Like I said, the mind of an INTP is crazy, but exciting. I have a head full of ideas and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share.

Welcome to my world! May I share my wisdom and knowledge with you?


About Sonika

Sonika Krüger is first of all a mother. She is the owner of Flourish* by Sonika, a Life Coach and a teacher. Flourish* focus on motherhood, lifestyle, personal growth and time management. She shares from her own experiences. She is available for training and speaking engagements. Please follow Flourish* by Sonika on Facebook and Instagram.

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